R A T E S:

Recreational Vessel Dockage – 2.00 per foot per night:

By completing a few projects in the marina, we have been able to use T-Heads to make 3 advanced reservation locations. Our transient dockage is limited to maximum of 45 length. These side tie docks are also very specific in their power availability. We are able to take reservations for up to 2 weeks in advance. The cost is 2.00 per foot per night. Please call 904-310-3304 for reservations or more information.

Mooring Fees – $20 per night & $105 per week:

We now have 12 mooring balls available for same day reservations. Feel free to call the 904-310-3304 number and we will be glad to take your same day reservation. The mooring field charge of $20.00 per night includes dinghy dock, bathroom and shower access.

Dinghy Dockage – $3.00 per day & Showers $4.00 per day:

We now have a dinghy dock open for our transient boaters. If you choose to anchor out, radio in and let us know you are coming. The cost is $3.00 per day and if you want access to the showers, there is an additional $4.00. Enter the marina from the south end. Each dock is number with a blue pile cap. The dinghy dock is on the south side of Dock 5 before you get to the boat ramp.

Commercial Vessels*** Premium – Call for availability
Please call our Dock Master to confirm we are able to accommodate your vessel, 904-310-3300.

Live Aboard – Not Available

Electricity – Per night or per week charges
If available in your location, 30a = 5.00 per night.
If available in your location, 50a = 10.00 per night


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